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two wheels and waves x café du cycliste

Bijgewerkt op: 12 aug. 2019

Follow the search for the perfect break on two-wheels along the beautiful backdrop of the Asturias coastline. Ride the back-country, set up a camp by the sea and surf until sunset. If travel is as much about the journey as the destination, bikes and boards deliver on both. Bike to surf.

Café du Cycliste has just set online the unique story about two lifestyles and one love for the outdoors.

Surfing and cycling offers a fine combination to channel the outdoor spirit and Sami, Ollie, Amy and Rémi all decided it should be the basis of a long weekend on the go-go in Asturias.

A wise man once observed that other people's obsessions are fascinating. Surfing and its disciples are a prime example. To the non-surfer the behaviour of those chasing waves is intriguing. It seems that the hunt for the best break and the details of said hunt is as much as an obsession as the catch itself.

In Asturias, it is not plain sailing to the beach. Following route to Playa Balotta takes the group onto backroads and double tracks where the ups and downs are sharp. The 20kgs of trailer, two surfboards and a dry bag full of wetsuits and fins seem manageable until the road becomes corrugated cement and serves up a 20% gradient. It raises questions on the logic of the bike-surf set-up, which firstly go unspoken and secondly are erased when the summit is reached to reveal a view of mountain peaks curving towards dramatic coastline.

They say that adding luggage to a bike changes a cyclist’s state of mind; it slows things down, makes you enjoy the surroundings, extends the possibilities and heightens the sense adventure. A trailer full of surf boards at the top of a climb like that only adds more purpose.

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All text credits Café du Cycliste

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Photography by Chris McClean


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