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From geometry to paint, to wheels and components, each ENVE Custom road bike is tailored to your specific wants and needs. Blending all of the brand's knowledge, experience and expertise in high-end carbon manufacturing and technologies.

ENVE sets the goal to deliver a bike that fits perfectly. The Custom Road is constructed using a molding process that allows them to create a custom bike for virtually any fit. The result is a handcrafted, US made bike, built specifically for you. The ENVE Custom Road is available with two unique personalities – Race and All Road. While identical in appearance, each has been tuned for a range of specific tire sizes and rider styles.


With the Custom Road, the goal wasn’t to focus on any singular performance metric, but rather to deliver a perfect fit and a refined ride quality. At an approximate weight of 850 grams for an unpainted 56cm frame, the Custom Road strikes a unique balance of stiffness and compliance, weight savings and durability, for a ride feel that can only be described as premium.

Each Custom Road begins its life as one of 9 unique carbon parts that are assembled to create the Custom Road Chassis. These parts are made using a mix of unidirectional carbon fiber, spread-tow fiber, and other materials to achieve the ENVE goals for weight, strength, stiffness, and compliance.


  • Prioritizes stability and control

  • Longer wheelbase

  • Geometry tuned for labeled 29-35mm tires

  • Max tire clearance - 35mm (labeled)

  • Rider archetype: Endurance, mixed-surface racer, smooth and flowing, in the saddle


  • Prioritizes agility and responsiveness

  • Shorter wheelbase

  • Geometry tuned for labeled 25-31mm tires

  • Max tire clearance - 35mm (labeled)

  • Rider archetype: Road/criterium racer, aggressive and responsive, out of the saddle

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