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pas normal studios

Bijgewerkt op: 23 jul. 2020

Behind every great cycling brand there is a creative and technical expertise. Explore how the design, passion, and manufacturing processes behind the Pas Normal Studios brand have led the small Copenhagen-based company to a global name.

The driving force behind the Pas Normal Studios design process extends far beyond a simple ambition of exceeding what its users may expect from their clothing. Rather, what inspires the development and progressive innovation of each collection is the belief that your clothing can help you break beyond the borders of what you think you might be able to experience.

Pas Normal Studios wants to know what is motivating us to go out riding and how we can challenge our patterns to ride more. From the social aspect of riding in a group of friends to the personal reflection one achieves during the solitude of a solo ride, we are all chasing after a different experience when we set out at the beginning of the day. And more often than not we end up coming back home at the end of the day with an experience that went beyond our expectations. The Pas Normal Studios collections occupy this same space - a brand motivated by exceeding all expectations.

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