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360° pathway to cycle through the trees in belgium

A new cycling and walking experience stilted 10 meters above ground and weaving through the treetops has opened within the bosland forest, in the Belgian province of Limburg. The innovative experience allows cyclists and adventurers to enjoy the natural landscape along the Limburg cycle route network in a totally unique way.

"Cycling through the trees" forms a gradually-inclined path that allows visitors to ride along a 100-meter diameter double circle that offers 360° views of the surrounding landscape. The project has been designed by Pieter Daenen — landscape architect of Burolandschap — in collaboration with architects De Gregorio & Partners. The bridge is elevated on a network of columns made from weathered steel. At the start of the path, visitors can relax and take in views from the information pavilion, which is made from stacked recycled logs.

All pictures by Visit Limburg


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